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Generic site timing tracking

Use the trackTiming method to track user timing events such as how long resources take to load. This method is provided as part of the site-tracking plugin.

Timing events must be manually tracked.

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Note: The links to the CDNs above point to the current latest version. You should pin to a specific version when integrating this plugin on your website if you are using a third party CDN in production.

["snowplowSiteTracking", "SiteTrackingPlugin"]

Timing event

Use the trackTiming method to track how long something took. Here are its arguments:

categoryYesTiming categorystring
variableYesTimed variablestring
timingYesNumber of milliseconds elapsednumber
labelNoLabel for the eventstring

An example:

snowplow('trackTiming', {
category: 'load',
variable: 'map_loaded',
timing: 50,
label: 'Map loading time'

Timing events are implemented as Snowplow self describing events. Here is the schema for a timing event.

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