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GA cookies tracking

If this plugin is used, the tracker will look for Google Analytics cookies (Universal Analytics and GA4, specifically the __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmv, __utmz, and _ga cookies) and combine their values into event context entities that get sent with every event.

GA cookies information is automatically tracked once configured.

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Available on jsDelivrjsDelivr (latest)
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Note: The links to the CDNs above point to the current latest version. You should pin to a specific version when integrating this plugin on your website if you are using a third party CDN in production.


["snowplowGaCookies", "GaCookiesPlugin"]
["snowplowGaCookies", "GaCookiesPlugin"],

The pluginOptions parameter allows to configure the plugin. Its type is:

interface GACookiesPluginOptions {
ua?: boolean;
ga4?: boolean;
ga4MeasurementId?: string | string[];
cookiePrefix?: string | string[];
uatrueSend Universal Analytics specific cookie values.
ga4falseSend Google Analytics 4 specific cookie values.
ga4MeasurementId""Measurement id(s) to search the Google Analytics 4 session cookie. Can be a single measurement id as a string or an array of measurement id strings. The cookie has the form of <cookie_prefix>_ga_<container-id> where <container-id> is the data stream container id and <cookie_prefix> is the optional cookie_prefix option of the gtag.js tracker.
cookiePrefix[]Cookie prefix set on the Google Analytics 4 cookies using the cookie_prefix option of the gtag.js tracker.

Context entitiesโ€‹


Adding this plugin will automatically capture the following context:



"_ga": "GA1.2.739498691.16151511088"

Adding this plugin will automatically capture the following contexts:

  1. For Universal Analytics cookies:, e.g.

    "_ga": "GA1.2.3.4"
  2. For GA4 cookies:

    "_ga": "G-1234",
    "cookie_prefix": "prefix",
    "session_cookies": [
    "measurement_id": "G-1234",
    "session_cookie": "567"
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