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Privacy Sandbox tracking

The plugin allows for adding Privacy Sandbox related data to your Snowplow tracking. To learn more about the Privacy Sandbox you can visit the official website. As more and more APIs become available or further refined, we will be upgrading the plugin with more capabilities and options as more APIs are added to the Privacy Sandbox.

We currently support the Topics API.


Some of the APIs and data will not be available by default in all users. This is commonly due to these APIs being dependent on browser support, user privacy preferences, browser feature-flags or ad-blocking software. The plugin will not modify or request access explicitly to any of these features if not available by default.


The plugin is available since version 3.14 of the tracker.

The Privacy Sandbox context entity is automatically tracked once configured.

Install pluginโ€‹

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Download from GitHub Releases (Recommended)Github Releases (
Available on jsDelivrjsDelivr (latest)
Available on unpkgunpkg (latest)

Note: The links to the CDNs above point to the current latest version. You should pin to a specific version when integrating this plugin on your website if you are using a third party CDN in production.

["snowplowPrivacySandbox", "PrivacySandboxPlugin"]

Context entityโ€‹

Adding this plugin will automatically capture this context entity.

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