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Social media interactions tracking

Social interaction tracking is provided as part of the Site tracking plugin. This plugin also provides events for site search and timings.

Social media interaction events must be manually tracked.

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Note: The links to the CDNs above point to the current latest version. You should pin to a specific version when integrating this plugin on your website if you are using a third party CDN in production.

["snowplowSiteTracking", "SiteTrackingPlugin"]


Social tracking is used to track the way users interact with Facebook, Twitter and Google + widgets, e.g. to capture "like this" or "tweet this" events.

The trackSocialInteraction method takes three parameters:

ParameterDescriptionRequired?Example value
actionSocial action performedYes'like', 'retweet'
networkSocial networkYes'facebook', 'twitter'
targetObject social action is performed on e.g. page ID, product IDNo'19.99'

The method is executed in as:

snowplow('trackSocialInteraction', {
action: string,
network: string,
target: string

For example:

snowplow('trackSocialInteraction', {
action: 'like',
network: 'facebook',
target: 'pbz00123'
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