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.NET Tracker


The Snowplow .NET Tracker allows you to track Snowplow events from your .NET websites and desktop applications. It's split into two libraries:


This is a fully functional .NET Standard 1.4 tracking library - it will work on any platform that supports .NET Standard 1.4+ (including .NET 461+).


This is a Portable Class Library (PCL) wrapper around the core Snowplow.Tracker library that extends functionality in platform specific ways, for example to provide geo-location information when tracking users in a Xamarin mobile application. If you're using Xamarin we encourage you to use this library.

Snowplow Demo Application

The Xamarin demo application can be deployed on Android and iOS. Simply launch the Snowplow.Demo.App.sln solution file with Visual Studio and deploy to either emulators or actual test devices. The .NET Core Console demo application can also be loaded with Visual Studio using Snowplow.Demo.Console.sln.

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