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Event Specifications integration

The plugin allows you to integrate with Event Specifications for a selected set of plugins. The configuration for the plugin should be retrieved directly from your Data Product in the Snowplow BDP Console.

The plugin will automatically add an Event Specification context to the events matching the configuration added.


The plugin is available since version 3.23 of the tracker.

Install pluginโ€‹

  • npm install @snowplow/browser-plugin-event-specifications
  • yarn add @snowplow/browser-plugin-event-specifications
  • pnpm add @snowplow/browser-plugin-event-specifications
import { newTracker } from '@snowplow/browser-tracker';
import { WebVitalsPlugin } from '@snowplow/browser-plugin-event-specifications';

newTracker('sp1', '{{collector_url}}', {
appId: 'my-app-id',
plugins: [ EventSpecificationsPlugin(/* plugin configuration */) ],


The configuration of the plugin would be in the form of:

[Plugin integration name]: {
/* Key value pairs of event names and event specification ids */
/* More integrations */

You can retrieve the configuration for your Event Specifications directly from your Data Product after clicking on the Implement tracking button.

implement tracking button

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