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This webhook integration lets you receive Olark events.

Supported events are:

  • Transcripts
  • Offline messages



Integrating Olark's webhooks into Snowplow is a two-stage process:

  1. Configure Olark to send events to Snowplow
  2. (Optional) Create the Olark events tables into Amazon Redshift

Configure Olark‚Äč

First login to Olark and click on Integrations:

In integrations search start typing webhooks (1) until the Webhooks integration is visible, then click Edit (2):

On the webhooks integration page select the URL to post to field (1)

  • For the this field you will need to provide the URL to your Snowplow Collector. We use a special path to tell Snowplow that these events are generated by Olark:
http://<collector host>/com.olark/v1
  • Then select the¬†Send all transcripts automatically¬†and/or¬†Send offline messages¬†according to your needs (2). As of the time of writing (15.12.2017) no other events are directly supported so¬†do not tick Send all events.

If you want, you can also manually override the event's platform parameter like so:

http://<collector host>/com.olark/v1?p=<platform code>

Supported platform codes can again be found in the Snowplow Tracker Protocol; if not set, then the value for platform will default to srv for a server-side application.

Once you click the Save button you are ready to receive events about your client chat interactions from olark.

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