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This webhook integration lets you receive StatusGator status change events.



Integrating StatusGator's webhooks into Snowplow is a two-stage process:

  1. Configure StatusGator to send events to Snowplow
  2. (Optional) Create the StatusGator events tables into Amazon Redshift


First login to StatusGator and setup one or more of the cloud services you want to receive notifications from, by clicking them and setting Subscribe to "ON", as in this example for the Amazon Web Services notifications:

Once you have selected your cloud providers, click on Notifications* on the top panel and set Webhooks to "ON" and then add the webhook URL for your collector in the field Web Hook URL, like so:

  • For the this field you will need to provide the URL to your Snowplow Collector. We use a special path to tell Snowplow that these events are generated by StatusGator:
http://<collector host>/com.statusgator/v1

If you want, you can also manually override the event's platform parameter like so:

http://<collector host>/com.statusgator/v1?p=<platform code>

Supported platform codes can again be found in the Snowplow Tracker Protocol; if not set, then the value for platform will default to srv for a server-side application.

Once you click the Save button you are ready to receive events about the downtime on your chosen cloud providers.

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