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This webhook adapter lets you track events logged by HubSpot.


Event sourceโ€‹

The HubSpot webhook API sends events as a JSON body in a POST request.

Snowplow adapterโ€‹

Implementation: HubSpotAdapter

HubSpot webhook support was implemented in Snowplow R113.


All resources for this webhook's events:

EventJSON Schema
Company changecompany_change 1-0-0
Company creationcompany_creation 1-0-0
Company deletioncompany_deletion 1-0-0
Contact changecontact_change 1-0-0
Contact creationcontact_creation 1-0-0
Contact deletioncontact_deletion 1-0-0
Deal changedeal_change 1-0-0
Deal creationdeal_creation 1-0-0
Deal deletiondeal_deletion 1-0-0

Iglu HubSpot definitions


The webhook address can be found here on official HubSpot documentation.

The endpoint should be:

http://<collector host>/com.hubspot/v1
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