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Available enrichments

Snowplow offers a large number of enrichments that can be used to enhance your event data. Most enrichments attach data to the event as entities, although some enrichments fill or modify event fields directly.

The order of enrichments is hard-coded and cannot be changed, the below table lists available enrichments in order they are executed.


It’s not possible to configure more than one instance of the same enrichment except JavaScript enrichment starting with Enrich 4.1.0. It is possible to have multiple JavaScript enrichments starting with Enrich 4.1.0. For all other enrichments, you can still only configure one of each including SQL Query and API Request enrichments.

IABUse the IAB/ABC International Spiders and Bots List to determine whether an event was produced by a user or a robot/spider based on its' IP address and user agent.
User Agent utilsDeprecated — please consider switching to the YAUAA enrichment below.
UA ParserParse the useragent and attach detailed useragent information to each event.
Currency ConversionConvert the values of all transactions to a specified base currency using Open Exchange Rates API. (Please note the limitations.)
Referer ParserExtracts attribution data from referer URLs.
Campaign AttributionChoose which querystring parameters will be used to generate the marketing campaign fields. If you do not enable the campaign_attribution enrichment, those fields will not be populated.
Cross Navigation EnrichmentParse the extended cross navigation format in _sp querystring parameter and attach the cross_navigation context to an event. (>= Enrich 4.1.0)
Event FingerprintGenerate a fingerprint for the event using a hash of client-set fields. Helpful for deduplicating events.
Cookie ExtractorSpecify cookies that you want to extract if found.
HTTP Header ExtractorSpecify headers that you want to extract via a regex pattern, if found each extracted header will be attached to your event.
YAUAAParse and analyze the user agent string of an event and extract as many relevant attributes as possible using YAUAA API.
IP LookupLookup useful data based on a user's IP address using the MaxMind database.
JavaScriptWrite a JavaScript function which is executed for each event.
SQL QueryPerform dimension widening on a Snowplow event via your own internal relational database.
API RequestPerform dimension widening on a Snowplow event via your own or third-party proprietary http(s) API.
IP AnonymizationAnonymize the IP addresses found in the user_ipaddress field by replacing a certain number of octets with xs.
PII PseudonymizationBetter protect the privacy rights of data subjects by psuedoanonymizing collected data.
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