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HTTP header extractor enrichment

This enrichment can extract name/value pairs from the HTTP headers and attach them to the event as derived contexts.


Testing with Micro

Unsure if your enrichment configuration is correct or works as expected? You can easily test it using Snowplow Micro on your machine. Follow the Micro usage guide to set up Micro and configure it to use your enrichment.

All the headers that will match the regex defined in headersPattern parameter will be attached to the event.

In the example configuration, all the headers of the request would be attached to the event.

If we are only interested in the host for instance, we could have:

      "headersPattern": "Host"


This enrichment uses the HTTP headers.


For each header matching the regex defined in headersPattern, a context with this schema is added to the enriched event. Each context contains only one name/value pair.

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