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IP anonymization enrichment

This enrichment replaces the end of the user's IP address with "x"s, on a configurable length. For instance could become 13.54.x.x.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

This enrichment runs after IP lookup enrichment.


Testing with Micro

Unsure if your enrichment configuration is correct or works as expected? You can easily test it using Snowplow Micro on your machine. Follow the Micro usage guide to set up Micro and configure it to use your enrichment.

The number of octets (IPv4) to anonymize is specified with anonOctets and the number of segments (IPv6) to anonymize is specified with anonSegments.

For example anonymizing one octet would change an IPv4 address of to 255.255.255.x, and anonymizing three octets would change it to 255.x.x.x.


This enrichment uses the IP of the user, that can be found in user_ipaddress field of the atomic event.


The anonymized value of the IP address is updated in-place in user_ipaddress field, before ever being stored.

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