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Event fingerprint enrichment

This enrichment computes the fingerprint of an event using the query string parameters.

Both the key and the value of all query string parameters are used to compute the fingerprint, except for the fields specified in excludeParameters.

This is helpful when de-duplicating events.


Testing with Micro

Unsure if your enrichment configuration is correct or works as expected? You can easily test it using Snowplow Micro on your machine. Follow the Micro usage guide to set up Micro and configure it to use your enrichment.

hashAlgorithm determines the algorithm that should be used to calculate the hash. Supported hashing algorithms are:

The example configuration below would use all the parameters to compute the hash except the event ID (eid) and the device sent timestamp (stm).

    "parameters": {
"excludeParameters": [
"hashAlgorithm": "MD5"

Removing stm can be a good idea because in the scenario where tracker doesn't receive an acknowledgement after sending an event once and retries, the two copies of the event will have different stms, whereas they are the same event.

Similarly, not much is gained by including the event ID in the hash given that this field is field is already used for de-duplication.


Query string parameters.


This enrichment will populate the field event_fingerprint of the atomic event.

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