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Defining the Data to collect with Data Products

As described in Data Products Introduction, a data product is a logical grouping of the data you collect as an organisation by domain, with an explicit owner.

With data products, you can:

  • Set clear ownership for the data being created
  • Make tracking implementation easier
  • Deliver better governance around your data
  • More easily communicate what the data means and how to use it
  • Collaborate more effectively with the various teams involved in delivering value from your data
  • Drive a self-serve culture around data across your organization

Elements of a Data Productโ€‹

Data product

  • Name; a descriptive name for the data product
  • Description; a description of the data that the data product captures
  • Owner; the individual responsible for the data product
  • Domain; the team or business domain that owns the data product
  • Event specifications
    • Name; a descriptive name for the event
    • Description; a description to help people understand what action the event is capturing
    • Applications; the application/s that the event will be tracked on
    • Triggers; specific instructions on where the event gets triggered (e.g. when a user clicks the "Add to basket" button)
    • Event data structure; the event data structure that this event will validate against as it is processed by your pipeline
    • Entities; the entities that should be attached to this event (e.g. user, product)
    • Properties; any specific rules for each property of the event
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