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What to expect from the quick start guide

This documentation only applies to Snowplow Community Edition. See the feature comparison page for more information about the different Snowplow offerings.

We have built a set of terraform modules, which automates the setup and deployment of the required infrastructure and applications for an operational Snowplow Community Edition pipeline, with just a handful of input variables required on your side.

After following this guide, you will be able to: 

  • Collect granular, well-structured data with our suite of web, mobile and server side SDKs
  • Create your own custom events and entities
  • Easily enable and disable our suite of out-of-the-box enrichments
  • Consume your rich data from the data warehouse, database, lake and/or real-time stream

Here’s some key information.

Required time

If you are proficient with Terraform and cloud tooling, 1 hour should be sufficient. Otherwise, expect to spend a few hours.


Assuming around 100 events per second, the pipeline will cost around $200 per month on AWS and $240 per month on GCP.


To reduce the costs, you can tweak the configuration (e.g. use smaller instances), or shut down the pipeline when not in use.


Out of the box, the deployed pipeline will handle up to ~100 events per second (~9 million events per day).

Getting help

Sign up on discourse! If you run into any problems or have any questions, we are here to help.

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