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Accessing failed event aggregates via the API

This documentation only applies to Snowplow BDP Enterprise. See the feature comparison page for more information about the different Snowplow offerings.

As discussed in the section "Failed events in the Console", it is possible to view aggregates of failed events when you have turned on the respective optional functionality. This view makes it possible to quickly identify where most failed events are originating from -- as in what is the related app ID, what is the schema field that is misrepresented, etc. The API that powers this overview is publicly available and can be invoked with a valid token to feed your own monitoring systems if you wish.


Before you can invoke the Failed Events API, you will need to authenticate with an API key.

Available operations and data returnedโ€‹

A full specification of the API can be found in our swagger docs. It is worth pointing out that, as is the case in the UI, the data returned only contains schema validation errors and enrichment failures.

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