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App & tracker information

Information about the app and the tracker instance that the events originate from is tracked using:

  1. Atomic event properties
  2. Application context entity on mobile apps

Atomic event propertiesโ€‹

These properties can be assigned across all our trackers regardless of the platform.

Atomic table fieldTypeDescriptionExample values
name_trackertextThe tracker namespacetracker_1
app_idtextUnique identifier for website / applicationsnow-game-android
platformtextThe platform the app runs onweb,ย mob,ย app
v_trackertextIdentifier for Snowplow tracker. The format follows the convention of TRACKER_NAME-TRACKER_VERSIONjs-2.16.2
Tracker namespace

The tracker namespace parameter is used to distinguish between different trackers. The name can be any string thatย does notย contain a colon or semi-colon character. Tracker namespacing allows you to run multiple trackers, pinging to different collectors.

How to track?โ€‹

You can specify the tracker namespace and app ID when creating a new tracker instance (the newTracker call in the JavaScript and Snowplow.createTracker in mobile trackers). The tracker platform is set automatically but can be overriden in most of our trackers. The tracker version is also set automatically.

Application context entity on mobile appsโ€‹

This context entity is automatically tracked with events on mobile apps and gives information about the app version and build number.

Context entity: application

Schema for an application context which automatically tracks version number and build name when using our mobile SDK's.

Schema URI: iglu://

WebMobileTracked automatically
๐Ÿ‘€ Example
"version": "1.1.0",
"build": "s9f2k2d"
๐Ÿ“ƒ Schema properties definition
version"string"Version number of the application e.g 1.1.0โœ…
build"string"Build name of the application e.g s9f2k2d or 1.1.0 betaโœ…

How to track?โ€‹

It is tracked on our iOS and Android trackers as well as on the React Native and Flutter tracker (when used in iOS or Android).

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