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Enrich Pubsub (GCP)

enrich-pubsub is a standalone JVM application that reads from and writes to PubSub topics. It can be run from anywhere, as long as it has permissions to access the topics.

It is published on Docker Hub and can be run with the following command:

docker run \
-it --rm \
-v $PWD:/snowplow \
-e GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/snowplow/snowplow-gcp-account-11aa55ff6b1b.json \
snowplow/snowplow-enrich-pubsub:4.1.0 \
--enrichments /snowplow/enrichments \
--iglu-config /snowplow/resolver.json \
--config /snowplow/config.hocon

Above assumes that you have following directory structure:

  1. GCP credentials JSON file
  2. enrichments directory, (possibly empty) with all enrichment configuration JSONs
  3. Iglu Resolver configuration JSON
  4. enrich-pubSub configuration HOCON

It is possible to use environment variables in all of the above (for Iglu and enrichments starting from 3.7.0 only).

Configuration guide can be found on this page and information about the monitoring on this one.

Telemetry notice

By default, Snowplow collects telemetry data for Enrich PubSub (since version 3.0.0). Telemetry allows us to understand how our applications are used and helps us build a better product for our users (including you!).

This data is anonymous and minimal, and since our code is open source, you can inspect what’s collected.

If you wish to help us further, you can optionally provide your email (or just a UUID) in the telemetry.userProvidedId configuration setting.

If you wish to disable telemetry, you can do so by setting telemetry.disable to true.

See our telemetry principles for more information.

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