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Quick Start

The following pages contain the steps to get you up and running with our packages. For more detailed information on running the packages see the individual package pages, and the configuration pages.

Database Privilegesโ€‹

In addition to the standard privileges required by dbt, our packages by default write to additional schemas beyond just your profile schema. If your connected user does not have create schema privileges, you will need to ensure that the following schemas exist in your warehouse and the user can create tables in them:

  • <profile_schema>_derived
  • <profile_schema>_scratch
  • <profile_schema>_snowplow_manifest

Alternatively, you can override the output schemas our models write to, see the relevant package configuration page for how to do this.

Please refer to the Official Guide on setting up permissions.

Mixing Variablesโ€‹


When using multiple dbt packages you must be careful to specify which scope a variable or configuration is defined within. In general, always specify each value in your dbt_project.yml nested under the specific package e.g.

snowplow__atomic_schema: schema_with_snowplow_web_events
snowplow__atomic_schema: schema_with_snowplow_mobile_events

You can read more about variable scoping in dbt's docs around variable precedence.

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