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Behavioral Data Platform — Enterprise

This documentation only applies to Snowplow BDP. See the feature comparison page for more information about the different Snowplow offerings.


BDP Enterprise is a version of Snowplow hosted in your own cloud account (AWS, Azure or GCP). It enables you to create rich and well-structured data to power your advanced analytics and AI use cases.

BDP Cloud

Consider BDP Cloud for a faster setup time if you don’t wish to host your own cloud infrastructure (besides the data warehouse or lake). See deployment model for a comparison between BDP Enterprise and BDP Cloud.

Refer to the AWS Setup Guide. Once you’ve set up your cloud environment, you can request a new pipeline via the Snowplow BDP Console.

Where is the infrastructure installed?

Snowplow’s internal team of data engineering experts set up, manage and upgrade your data pipeline within your own cloud environment bringing all the security, data quality and data activation benefits that come from owning your infrastructure.


If you’d like to learn more about Snowplow BDP you can book a demo with our team.

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