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Managing enrichments in BDP Console

This documentation only applies to Snowplow BDP. See the feature comparison page for more information about the different Snowplow offerings.

Snowplow Console enables you to manage the Enrichments that run on each of your environments.

To start managing Enrichments, navigate to the environment you'd like to manage and select Enrichments in the environment menu.

View which Enrichments are running for an environmentโ€‹

When you select navigate to the Enrichments screen you'll see a listing of all Enrichments and see their current status & last edited date for the environment.

Enable /editing an Enrichmentโ€‹

You can enable and edit enrichments on any environment, but we recommend the following workflow to test the configuration before deploying to a pipeline:

  • Navigate to a sandbox environment (Snowplow Mini)
  • Enable and configure the Enrichment as required
  • Send some events to your Snowplow Mini endpoint and validate the fields appear as expected in the event payload
  • Deploy the configuration to your pipeline(s)

Enable the enrichment on a sandbox environmentโ€‹

Navigate to a Snowplow Mini and locate the enrichment you wish to enable. In the listing select Configure and enable / Edit configuration from the pop up menu, or click the Configure and enable / Edit config button when viewing the enrichment.

On the configuration screen, edit the JSON configuration (refer to each individual enrichments documentation for support) and click Validate.

If your configuration is valid you will be given the option to Publish the enrichment to the environment. If it is invalid you will be given validation errors to correct.

Publish your configuration to the environment and then test it by sending some events to the Mini endpoint.

Once you are happy with your configuration, follow Deploying a configuration across environments to deploy the configuration to a pipeline.

Deploying an Enrichment configuration across environmentsโ€‹

You will need to copy a configuration across environments when:

  • you have followed our recommended Edit / Enable workflow and wish to deploy your changes to a Pipeline
  • you want to copy the configuration from one Snowplow Mini instance environment to another Snowplow Mini instance

Navigate to the Snowplow Mini that you want to deploy from, and locate the Enrichment you want to deploy to another environment.

Click Deploy in either the pop-up menu on the Listing screen, or the button in the View Enrichment screen.

In the dialog that appears, select which environments you wish to copy to and click Deploy configuration.


Deployments to pipeline environments currently involve work performed by our Support team. You can expect your change to be live within 24 hours.

Disable an Enrichmentโ€‹

Navigate to the environment that contains the Enrichment you wish to disable.

In the listing select Disable enrichment from the pop up menu, or click the Disable button when viewing the enrichment.

Confirm that you wish to disable the enrichment.


Disabling enrichments on pipeline environments currently involves work performed by our Support team. You can expect your change to be live within 24 hours.

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