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Assuming you have completed the Unity Tracker Setup for your project, you are now ready to initialize the Unity Tracker.

Importing the library

Add the following using lines to the top of your .cs scripts to access the Tracker:

using SnowplowTracker;
using SnowplowTracker.Emitters;
using SnowplowTracker.Events;

You should now be able to setup the Tracker!

Creating a tracker

To instantiate a Tracker in your code (can be global or local to the process being tracked) simply instantiate the Tracker interface with the following:

// Create Emitter – to support WebGL, make sure to use the WebGlEmitter
IEmitter emitter = Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.WebGLPlayer
? new WebGlEmitter("com.collector.acme", HttpProtocol.HTTPS, HttpMethod.POST)
: new AsyncEmitter("com.collector.acme", HttpProtocol.HTTPS, HttpMethod.POST);

// Create a Tracker instance with the Emitter
Tracker tracker = new Tracker(emitter, "Namespace", "AppId");

// Start the Tracker
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