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Snowplow Plugin for

The Snowplow JavaScript tracker can now be deployed directly into your web and node applications using the analytics and @analytics/snowplow NPM packages.


Snowplow recommends using the official Snowplow Browser Tracker or Node.js Tracker instead of this package as you will receive updates faster and install a smaller dependency into your application, unless you wish to send your events to multiple providers which is where the @analytics packages are particularly useful.

Quick Startโ€‹

npm install analytics
npm install @analytics/snowplow

Initialise the plugin:

import Analytics from 'analytics'
import snowplowPlugin from '@analytics/snowplow'

const analytics = Analytics({
app: 'awesome-app',
plugins: [
// Minimal recommended configuration
name: 'snowplow',
collectorUrl: '',
trackerSettings: {
appId: 'myApp',
contexts: {
webPage: true

Then track a page view event:

Full documentationโ€‹

Snowplow Plugin documentation (

Analytics package documentation (

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