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Iglu Repositories

An Iglu repository acts as a store of data schemas (currently JSON Schemas only). Hosting JSON Schemas in an Iglu repository allows you to use those schemas in Iglu-capable systems such as Snowplow.

Technical architecture

So far we support two types of Iglu repository:

  1. Remote repositories - essentially websites containing schemas which an Iglu client can query over HTTP
  2. Embedded repositories - which are embedded in a piece of software (typically alongside an Iglu client)

In this diagram we show an Iglu client resolving a schema from Iglu Central, one embedded repository and a further two remote HTTP repositories:


Available Iglu repositories

We currently have two Iglu "repo" technologies available for deploying your Iglu repository - follow the links to find out more:

Iglu ServerRemoteAn Iglu repository server structured as a RESTful APIProduction-ready
Static repoRemoteAn Iglu repository server structured as a static websiteProduction-ready
JVM-embedded repoEmbeddedAn Iglu repository embedded in a Java or Scala applicationProduction-ready

Iglu Central

Iglu Central is a public repository of JSON Schemas hosted by Snowplow Analytics. For more information on its technical architecture, see Iglu Central.

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