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This documentation only applies to Snowplow Community Edition. See the feature comparison page for more information about the different Snowplow offerings.

There are several extension points for this application:

  • Steps
  • Conditions
  • Bad Row types


By definition steps allow performing modifications on existing bad row data points' payloads. We defined a configuration DSL for Steps that is turned into actions with Inspectable definitions. Inspectables are data structures on which Steps can be performed. Therefore in order to add a new Step:

  • a config.Step DSL structure for it has to be defined
  • an implementation of action defined as per DSL has to be defined for Inspectable.

The latter can be described in form of transform function that builds upon a recursive generic JSON-transforming structure.


Conditions are a lot like steps but as they are triggered earlier before Inspectables are created. They do operate upon JSON data and need to implement behavior for basic JSON types. Therefore in order to add a new Condition:

  • a config.Condition DSL structure for it has to be defined
  • functions for performing Condition application for basic/composite JSON types have to be defined

Bad Row typesโ€‹

Once new recoverable Bad Row types are added they need to be turned into Recoverable by supplying appropriate Recoverable instances. If a new Payload format is added it has to be turned into Inspectable as well.

It is important to note that we only represent recoverable bad rows as Recoverable instances. Not all BadRows are recoverable and we strongly believe in not representing invalid states as possible.

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