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Setup Snowplow BDP on GCP

Request your pipeline through Snowplow BDP Console​

Login to Snowplow BDP Console where you'll be able to follow a step-by-step guide to getting started (including the steps below).

Setting up your Google project​

To set up your cloud environment ready for your Snowplow pipeline to be installed:

Create a new project​

Please create a new project segregated from anything else you have running in GCP. For the latest documentation on setting up a new project please refer to Google Cloud's documentation here.

Set up required permissions​

Please addΒ techops-cloud-admin@snowplowanalytics.comΒ to your project. This account will be used to install and maintain your pipeline in GCP. The following roles are required:

The following roles are also required if using RDB Loader within GCP:

Enable billing for the project​

Please enable billing on the project as failing to do so will prevent the pipeline from being installed. For details on enabling billing for your project, please refer to the GCP documentation for APIs and billing.

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