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LaunchDarkly Tag for GTM SS

The LaunchDarkly Tag for GTM SS allows events to be forwarded to LaunchDarkly using its metric import REST API. This Tag works best with events from the Snowplow Client, but can also work with events from other GTM SS Clients such as GAv4.

Template Installationโ€‹


The server Docker image must be 2.0.0 or later.

Coming soon!

LaunchDarkly Tag Setupโ€‹

With the template installed, you can now add the LaunchDarkly Tag to your GTM SS Container.

  1. From the Tag tab, select "New", then select the LaunchDarkly Tag as your Tag Configuration.
  2. Select your desired Trigger for the events you wish to use as metrics in LaunchDarkly experiments.
  3. Configure the Tag.
  4. Click Save.
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