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Snowplow Micro User Interface

To view the Micro UI, head to http://localhost:9090/micro/ui in your web browser (assuming you followed the basic usage instructions).


The first thing you will see in the UI is the overview section, which tells you how many good (valid) and bad (failed) events you have received:

Overview section of the UI

Below the overview, there is a table showing all events in more detail:

Event table

Sharing the UI with other people

Want to share this view with a colleague? See the section on exposing Micro to the outside world. For example, if you use ngrok, you will get a link like which you can send to anyone for them to look at the same events.

Note that you can reorder the columns in the table as you wish:

Reordering the columns in the table

Filtering eventsโ€‹

There are a few ways to filter the events in the table.

First, there is a good/bad event selector:

Good/bad event selector

Second, you can use the search bar, which supports both free text searches and searching within specific fields:

Search bar

Finally, you can filter each column:

Filtering events by application id

Exploring event detailsโ€‹

For valid events, you can expand the row to look at all the event fields in JSON:

Expanding the event row

Equally, for failed events, you can explore the failure message:

Failure message for a failed event

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