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Storage options

Data warehouses and data lakes are primary destinations for Snowplow data. For other options, see the destinations overview page.

Data warehouse loadersโ€‹


The cloud selection is for where your Snowplow pipeline runs. The warehouse itself can be deployed in any cloud.

DestinationTypeLoader applicationStatus
(including Redshift serverless)
Batching (recommended)
or micro-batching
RDB LoaderProduction-ready
SnowflakeBatching (recommended)
or micro-batching
Snowplow RDB LoaderProduction-ready
SnowflakeStreaming ๐Ÿ†•Snowflake Streaming LoaderEarly release
DatabricksBatching (recommended)
or micro-batching
Snowplow RDB LoaderProduction-ready
PostgresStreamingPostgres LoaderNot recommended for production use

Data lake loadersโ€‹

All lake loaders are micro-batching.

LakeFormatCompatibilityLoader applicationStatus
S3DeltaAthena, DatabricksLake LoaderEarly release
S3IcebergAthena, RedshiftLake LoaderEarly release
S3TSV/JSONAmazon AthenaS3 LoaderOnly recommended for use with RDB Batch Transformer or for failed events
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