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Scala client


The Scala client is an Iglu client and schema resolver implemented in Scala.

Setting up the Scala client to use from your own code is straightforward.
For actual examples of initialization you can look at Scala client page.

Integration optionsโ€‹

To minimize jar bloat, we have tried to keep external dependencies to a minimum. The main dependencies are on Jackson and JSON Schema-related libraries.



The Scala client is published to Snowplow's hosted Maven repository, which should make it easy to add it as a dependency into your own Java app.

The current version of the Scala client is 2.2.1.


Add this to your SBT config:

// Dependency
val igluClient = "com.snowplowanalytics" %% "iglu-scala-client" % "2.2.1"


Add into build.gradle:

dependencies {
// Iglu client
compile 'com.snowplowanalytics:iglu-scala-client:"2.2.1"'

Now read the Scala client API to start using the Scala client.

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