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Data warehouses and lakes

To store your enriched Snowplow data, you will need to determine which loader to set-up to ensure your enriched data reaches your data warehouse or lake.

Selecting a loader for your data warehouse

RedshiftSnowplow RDB LoaderProduction-ready
SnowflakeSnowplow RDB LoaderProduction-ready
DatabricksSnowplow RDB LoaderProduction-ready
PostgresPostgres LoaderEarly release

Our warehouse loaders pick up the data from Enrich Kinesis on AWS and Enrich Pubsub on GCP. Both Stream Collector and Enrich allow you to use a streaming technology other than Kinesis and Pub/Sub, but if you go that route, you will need to define your own process to load your enriched data into the warehouse.

Selecting a loader for your data lake

There is support for loading into cloud storage or data lakes via the S3 Loader for AWS or the Google Cloud Storage Loader for GCP.

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