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The RedisWorker class

Important note: Since version 0.9.0, the RedisWorker is only available as an extra module. To use it, you need to install the snowplow-tracker as:

$ pip install snowplow-tracker[redis]

The tracker comes with a RedisWorker class which sends Snowplow events from Redis to an emitter. The RedisWorker constructor is similar to the RedisEmitter constructor:

def __init__(self, _consumer, key=None, dbr=None):

This is how it is used:

from snowplow_tracker import AsyncEmitter
from snowplow_tracker.redis_worker import RedisWorker

e = Emitter("")

r = RedisWorker(e, key="snowplow_redis_key")

This will set up a worker which will run indefinitely, taking events from the Redis list with key "snowplow_redis_key" and inputting them to an AsyncEmitter, which will send them to a Cloudfront collector. If the process receives a SIGINT signal (for example, due to a Ctrl-C keyboard interrupt), cleanup will occur before exiting to ensure no events are lost.

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