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Sending user identifier to Kantar Focal Meter

The mobile trackers provide integration with Focal Meter by Kantar. Focal Meter is a box that connects directly to the broadband router and collects viewing information for the devices on your network.

This integration enables measuring the audience of content through the Focal Meter router meter. The tracker has the ability to send the user identifier (userId present in the session context) to a Kantar Focal Meter endpoint.

To enable this feature, you can pass the FocalMeterConfiguration configuration with the URL of the Kantar endpoint. For example:

let focalMeterConfig = FocalMeterConfiguration(kantarEndpoint: "")
let tracker = Snowplow.createTracker(namespace: namespace, network: networkConfig, configurations: [focalMeterConfig])

Once configured, the tracker will make a request to the endpoint whenever the user identifier changes or each time the app starts.


Session context needs to be enabled (default) in order for the integration to work.


The feature is available from version 5.6.0 of the iOS and Android trackers.

Processing the user ID sent in requests to Kantarโ€‹

By default, the plugin sends the user ID as a GET parameter in requests to Kantar without modifying it. In case you want to apply some transformation on the value, such as hashing, you can provide the processUserId callback when instantiating the plugin:

let focalMeterConfig = FocalMeterConfiguration(kantarEndpoint: "") { userId in
return hash(userId) // apply custom hashing function
let tracker = Snowplow.createTracker(namespace: namespace, network: networkConfig, configurations: [focalMeterConfig])
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