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Upgrading to Newer Versions

This page gives instructions for upgrading to newer versions of the C++ tracker.

Upgrading to v2.0.0‚Äč

There have been the following breaking changes:

  • CMake minimum version changed 3.14 -> 3.15
  • libcurl has been removed as a dependency of Snowplow on macOS and the CURL HTTP client is no longer available on macOS. If a project that is using Snowplow as a subdirectory relies on getting libcurl through Snowplow then it will fail now.
  • Also, sqlite3, libcurl, libuuid are now private dependencies. If a project relies on getting the sqlite3/libcurl/libuuid include paths through the Snowplow tracker library, then it will fail now.

Upgrading to v1.0.0‚Äč

The package added support for the cmake build system. You may make use of this and import the package in your cmake build configuration. Importing source code by copying files is still supported. However, please note that the code was moved from the src folder to the include folder and you will need to import the sqlite3 and nlohmann/json dependencies on your own and update their location in include/snowplow/thirdparty/sqlite3.hpp and include/snowplow/thirdparty/json.hpp files. See instructions on the Setup page for more information.

This version changed how the Tracker and Emitter instances are initialized and introduced the Snowplow::create_tracker() API. Please refer to the page about initialization to learn more about the new API. The Tracker::init() calls should be replaced with Snowplow::create_tracker() and Tracker::instance() with Snowplow::get_tracker(namespace) or Snowplow::get_default_tracker().

Also note that the default protocol has changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

Upgrading to v0.3.0‚Äč

There are a few breaking changes in this release. Please make sure to:

  1. Remove the Tracker:: prefix when referring to event types, e.g., use ScreenViewEvent() instead of Tracker::ScreenViewEvent().
  2. Use the common tracker->track(event) function to track events (instead of tracker->track_self_describing_event(event), tracker->track_screen_view(event), ...).
  3. Use the event.set_context(context) and event.set_true_timestamp(tt) setters instead of accessing event.contexts and event.true_timestamp directly.
  4. Event IDs are no longer accessible from the event objects but are returned from the tracker->track(event) function.
  5. Emitter and ClientSession no longer accept database path string for storage but require an instance of SqliteStorage (or other storage implementation, see the docs).
  6. Use #include "snowplow.hpp" to import all public APIs of the tracker instead of including individual files.

Upgrading to v0.2.0‚Äč

This version adds a snowplow namespace to all tracker components. You will need to import specific or all types from the namespace:

using namespace snowplow;

The constructor for ClientSession also changed, dropping the last argument for check_interval that is no longer necessary. Simply remove the last argument when creating an instance of ClientSession.

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