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Snowflake Loader (legacy)


Snowplow Snowflake Loader is a deprecated application for loading Snowplow events into Snowflake.

It has been replaced by Snowplow RDB Loader. Please see this blog post for further information, and use Snowplow RDB Loader to load your events into Snowflake instead.

The Snowflake Loader consists of two independent applications:

  • Snowplow Snowflake Transformer - Spark job responsible for transformning enriched events into Snowflake-compatible format
  • Snowplow Snowflake Loader - CLI application responsible for loading Snowplow-compatible enriched events into Snowflake DB

Both applications communicate through DynamoDB table, called "processing manifest" and used to maintain pipeline state. Both applications use same self-describing JSON configuration file of schema, which contain both transformer- and loader-specific properties.

Type reference for our loaders could be found here.

The Snowflake loader is publicly available since version 0.3.1.

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