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Adding Context

Whilst the tracking set-up provides event data on user actions at a specific point in time, context describes the setting in which an event takes place. To describe the context of an event, we need to define and capture individual entities. For example:

  • The user performing an action
  • The mobile device the action occured on
  • A product that has been interacted with

Together, these entities make up the context of an event.

The mobile trackers add a number of context entities to events by default. Unless disabled in the tracker configuration, the following entities will be attached to your events:

ScreenInformation about the current screen being viewed when an event occurs
ApplicationVersion number and build name of the application
SessionInformation about the user session
PlatformInformation about the user device and OS

You can also track custom context entities with some or all of your events. To learn more about tracking custom context entities, see the docs for Android, iOS, React Native, or Flutter