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Install Snowplow dbt Package

Ensure you have set up a new dbt project using dbt init and validate your connection project using dbt debug before adding our package. All commands should be run in the directory of this project.

In this section you are going to be adding our snowplow_mobile package to your fresh project. This will mean your project is able to run all our models, but will keep our package in the dbt_packages folder to keep your project clean and organized.

Step 1: Add snowplow-mobile package

Add the snowplow-mobile package to your packages.yml file, which you may have to create at the same level as your dbt_project.yml file. The latest version of our package can be found here

  - package: snowplow/snowplow_mobile
    version: 0.7.4

Step 2: Install the package

Install the package by running:

dbt deps

Once this is done, you can find our package in the newly created dbt_packages folder. You can read more about the package, including some optional features and modules not detailed within this Accelerator but checking out our docs.