Clear History

Create an Audience

Step 1: Create your Models

First you need to create a model based on your out-of-the-box Snowplow modelled snowplow_web_users table or any custom user tables you have built. Create another model for the user propensity scores table you created in the previous chapter, snowplow_user_propensity_scores.


Step 2: Create Entities

Secondly you will need to create Entities for the audiences to be built off. Base these Entities off the models you created in the previous step. Finally add a 1:1 relationship between the two, joining on user_id.


Step 3: Audience Hub

Now you can build an audience using columns from your newly created Entities. In this example we are targeting users in the awareness stage based on the following criteria:

  • First time on website
  • Did not arrive from a marketing campaign
  • High propensity score

Marketing to high propensity to convert users (using your ML model output created in the previous Predictive ML Models chapter) will lead to higher conversion for less advertising spend!